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We-Men Partnership

Helping Women in Rural Kenya to Thrive

The We-Men Partnership was founded to give every woman and girl in rural Kenya an equal opportunity to achieve her full potential. Through our training programmes and initiatives, we give women a voice, refuge and support and empower them to drive positive and sustainable change in their own lives and communities.

By serving the interest of Kenyan girls and women who are marginalised and who have no access to social support or income, we can empower them by teaching them the skills they need to thrive. From helping women to purchase shelter to providing girls with essential life skills, we are transforming lives and helping to remove the cultural restrictions that have been placed on women for so many years.

We are committed to our cause, always looking for new and sustainable ways to support women in rural Kenya financially and emotionally. With the help of our volunteers and investors, we will continue to make a difference for individuals, communities and economies throughout the country.

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If you would like more information on the We-Men Partnership or would like to get involved, please click on the link below.

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